Convert uppercase to lowercase type in illustrator (possible?)


“convert uppercase to lowercase type in illustrator”

is it possible to do this in illustrator, i have a bucketload of type that was typed in Uppercase and i want it to be lower, any way to convert in illustrator or any other app?

found this link, a big pdf of just illustrator CS how to’s. :beam:

by the way, it was right in front of my face, what i did, select the type go to Type/ change case, then you have 4 options.

**Uppercase **- Converts all type to uppercase

l****owercase - Converts all type to lowercase

Title case - Converts all sentences to lowercase,first letter of each word becomes capital.

Sentence case - same as title but only the first letter of the first word of the sentence becomes Capital

I actually wanted Sentence case which just saved me hours of editing :beam:

You could have cut and paste, if possible, into Word too :wink:

what… can word convert into those 4 categories illustrator can?

edit:: yes it can… geez i never seen these features, i never use word anyway.