Converting a C++ Class to AS 1.0 or 2.0?

Before I get bashed for asking someone to code for me, let me explain. I know AS fairly well, but I’m no math genius. I’m working on a game idea at the moment, and picked up “AI for Game Developers” through O’Reilly Press. Good book - 15 pages in and my head hurts. :wink:

Anyway, some of the code relies on a custom Vector Class that’s used to calculate 2D and 3D rigid body dynamics, which are excellent for all sorts of stuff like pathfinding, chase and evade algorythms, flocking - even Bayesian Networks.

My issue is I don’t understand the C++ syntax well enough to convert it to AS an AS class or function in 1.0 or more likely 2.0. Anyone interested in taking a crack at it? Could prove very useful to the group at large.