Converting MX 2004 files to Flash 8/AS 2.0

It’s been several years since I have touched Flash. In fact, I believe the last version I worked in for more than a few minutes was Flash 5.

I am doing my best to catch up on Flash 8 by looking at some source. I am completely lost on certain topics, such as how to get older files working when published under Flash 8.

A good example is the BrainGiants bounce/ease (scroll down to September 10, 2004, at ). I trying to re-familiarize myself with ActionScript by looking at his source, but have no idea where to start on getting this to work with Flash 8 (originally in MX 2004).

Are there any specific tutorials (or books, even) that list common issues with “MX 2004 to 8” conversions? I’ve tried searching through existing topics, but can’t seem to find anything as of yet.

Thanks a billion! I am thrilled after all these years to see this site still running.