Cool effect

Hi I really like the effect as found at

I would like to know
a) how you get that masking thing happening

but mainly

b) i like the way it scrolls is and seems to really slow down.

i looked up and found this tute

but when i tried it with larger images everything went nuts.
can any one demysify??

Thanking you

you just make to keyframes and motion tweening right?
en do that couple of times with the normal frames get boigger

the frames look like this



or this i don’t know exactly


You have to change the numbers in the tutorial to match the size of your images. Your images also have to be all the same size.

simple tweens on the buttons (of course, can be done in A/S), with easing set to 100. The rest is the equivalent to swapping images on rollover. Make one faded (_alpha to 45 or whatever you like), make another with _alpha to 100. On rollover you play the one with 100. On rollout you play the one with 45.

I hope that is a nudge in the right direction. If you get stuck, come back, and we’ll help you some more.

Good luck!

I will try and have a go at it. I still struggle with A/S as i don’t have any kind of a programming backround. The tute was a little bit hard to follow coz it was in broken English. Thanks to all who answered.



I’m just a poor Frenchman… :frowning:

But you’re right, there should be someone to proofread the tutorials.

pom :asian: