Cool graphic gallery.I want to do it!

I like this gallery very very much. I want do it .But I don’t know how to do .

Maybe some guys can give some good ideas. or where I can get some tutroials like this.

Thanks a lot.

thank you for that link, i needed that. :beam:
and as for making an image gallery, learn AS. learn it well.


I am glade you love this. I liks this very much.

it is use FLASH AS + PHP and some xml. I only want to get a

theory of that or an idea.

If you can do this .Can you help me.

Thanks a lots.

This gallery is really excellent, i’d also be very interested to know how it works but it seems quite hard to accomplish :beam:

that’s great garllery… good work and i think it’s hard but nothing can’t do it here in Kirupa :wink:

O.K., it took me half a day to find out, but by combining a tut from eilsoe,
with an swf I found made by claudio after searching for “drag” in the forums,
I came up with the following result:

If you want to have this file, do a search for “” on the forums…

A perfect example of what forums & tuts can do for you!

Hi. Inflicted

Thanks for your back. I can do this like your links

Now . I want to know How to load the graphic list and how to load these graphic as sort.

who can tell me?

Do you mean the thumbnails that load one at the time with fade-in?

WOW…that’s an impressive size.


I think that image gallery you link to ( I think that just uses a script that you can buy for image galleries… I don’t remember where but I know I’ve seen it before, I think it was a photographers website.

edit: just did a google search - ton’s of people are using it.


So it’s just a template!

Well, I’m still happy I found out how to do it for my own satisfactory purposes…
(is that proper English?)

*Originally posted by Inflicted *

So it’s just a template!

Well, I’m still happy I found out how to do it for my own satisfactory purposes…
(is that proper English?) **

hi man, do you have a fla file for that gallery? it’s really cool to have one like that.



can you do a simply example like that. I hope it can load graphic list. and can show more graphics .

I think that use the php as back-end script. but I didn’t know that how to work.please give me a hand.

thanks a lot.

O.K., here it is…
Please keep in mind I’ve spent almost a day working on it, and I’m no AS wizard!
Keep the “comments” in there if you’re gonna use it.

As said I combined the codes of a tut by eilsoe(EQ points) and an example "drag.swf"
by claudio I found after searching the forums.
Just to remind you guys to keep looking and juggle with codes a bit.

hope you like it…


So does any one have this??
Theres a similar one for free

not as good tho but good enough