Cool Menu but how's it done!

Hi there,

I’ve just started getting into Flash again (last version used 3!)

I’m trying to create a menu which behaves in a similar way to the menu on (not a fan by the way)

i.e hidden menu with mouse over and mouse out command with buttons within. At the moment it works but as soon as the mouse hits the buttons the menu slides back down.

Could anyone give me some pointers



the buttons are contained within a movieclip and on the movieclip there is an (enterFrame) command that checks for the Y position of the mouse. If the Y position of the mouse is > a certain value then the menu moves up. Its the same principle that is used here:…/test.html

Very much appreciated, I’ll get learning…

if you need more specific answers ask and I’ll give it to ya, but I prefer to push people in the right direction and let them learn on their own before just giving them the answer.

i believe the creator used flash.

nice thor! :lol: you outta school yet? ya haven’t been around much…