Cool navigation I made. Now how can I do this with AS?

FLA ---->

Could someone tell me how i could accomplish this same kind of navigation, but with mostly AS. Right now I use a bunch of tweens a duplicate mc’s, and as a result i can’t really do much with it… its hard to explain, but the way I have it set up now all 4 squares have to be the same color, if i want to change something it takes a while… and there are some other problems.

Im thinking there’s a much better way to do this. Could an experienced flasher help me out? Would be much appreciated. I got some great ideas of how I am gonna use this nav, but i want to redo it and make it simple and efficient before I procede.

The code below will resize an MC, but how do i get the bounce effect, and make the other 3 MC’s still to the corner like in the nav I made.

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (change == true) {
_yscale += int(goaly-_yscale)/3;
_y += int(goal2y-_y)/3;

//script to be called to scale the clip//

on (press) {
_root.MyClip.change = true;
_root.MyClip.goaly = 200;