Cool Physics Demo

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my dad got me a cd of stuff like that but even more advanced, incredibly realistic things, some even had basic games in there ;), but does this constitute kool site? or just cool content?

id say cool content.

This does not fit in Kool Sites, moving this to Computers and Games … the best forum this would fit in I think.

hmm, I DL’ed that game he links to “Bantiago” or sumthin’ like that, awesome game, and quite challenging :beam:

you have a circle platform (huge), and each player starts at opposite ends, then you get blocks to place, and a ground level placement gives so-and-so much influence on the board, but the higher you stack the blocks, the more influence you get, just like in Black&White :beam:

the goal is to get enough influence to take over the center of the board. quite amusing :slight_smile:

warm recommendations from here :slight_smile:

i dled botango a few months ago, it is fun