Cool Site!

Sound Of Design is a cool site that has some neat flash action scripting with a downloadable source (.fla file).

Check it out!



I was so exicited that I forgot :slight_smile:…index.html

OK msjensen, is it ok for you to post links and not myself? Instead of posting an answer to my question you posted a statement “no links allowed”. Fair is Fair, please make yourself clear - does this rule only apply to me and any other person that posts links on this forum, are you excluded from this rule. If you don’t have a clue as to what post I’m talking about I will gladly post it again or point you in the direction of the original post in which you responded. The following posting made by yourself appears like a link to me.

Re: Cool Site!!!

I was so exicited that I forgot

Ah stop whining ya little babay.

So its no linkin, no pluggin. I hate plugs anyway. Especially pointless out of the blue plugs. Things like just really annoy me.]

Sorry, but hehe.

There is no rule against linking to viable Flash data. There is only a mildly enforced rule concerning linking to none related site for the purposes of promoting it. If you want to post a link, go to the link forum.

However, if someone has a good site that has Fla’s avaliable for download, as well as copiable scripts, there is nothing wrong with it here, on in any other forum at Kirupa.

I’m not sure who you think the mods are here, but I suggest, rather than attacking anyone (and I can’t say who initiated the attack, because I don’t remember the thread), simply ask Kirupa or one of the other mods what is appropriate.

Rules are made to be bent.
You’re ever loving mod

One day while I was looking for something else I found this, it is not my site (wish I was that good). I tried to post a help to your question "masking effect I think??? link is attached " I was just in a hurry and did not check to see if it came out right and when I came back Upuaut8 and suprabeener posted as well with good information. I guess I am sorry for trying to help you, and not doing it correctly :slight_smile: .


Nice find!

I found that site to be very well done. I loved the navigation, as well as the very imaginative Flash experiments.


i like the navigation too