Coolest Flash Game EVER... Get it NOW!

So cool it freaking hurts :D, the game is called N. It has the best flash physics ive ever seen, and great gameplay. Your a ninja who can jump and stuff while robot enemies mercilessly beat you down… It even has a LEVEL EDITOR!!! How much cooler can it get? Rating: :A+:

it is cool. I love it. I think I’m gonna be playing this a lot…

Awesome game :slight_smile: Nice find Sushi :wink:

fantastic :smiley:

:A+: indeed, totally hooked :smiley:

cool game… but when I make my own levels and try to play them I only get a new frame on mouse click… soI have to click myself nuts to make the dood move :stuck_out_tongue:

why do you do this to me…right before a test?

i’m hooked :frowning:

feels almost like megaman.

OH i SEE i HAVE TO TURN CAPSLOCK ON… bah… capslock was on :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, that is a great game.


[size=3]Can Stop Playing[/size] :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=1]It's to hard for me :(

checks cheat txt :slight_smile:

I love those white bouncy boxes… here’s one I made: :P[font=Times New Roman][size=1]

Nice, I’m bouncy boxsing very where =)
But still too hard for me :P[/size]

link is down.

WoW that’s really nice can’t wait till they bring ouut the source code. :slight_smile:

Well seems my game has become a hit…

Why dont we make this into a thread for posting your own levels!!! Expect one from me soon

//One problem with your level Sycko… i had unloked all the doors on one side but i jumped up and got trapped between two doors on the other side… oops.

heh you don’t mean your game do you?
cause if you made this, you are my hero.


lol of course not, i mean as in the game i told you guys about.

links down for me. might be my slow dial up though.

**** you! i’ve been playing this all day!

heheheh… ok here is my new level, just SURVIVE

BTW you guys, the level wont load right unless you load an empty map and delete everything in both boxes. (a useful way to select my level data is to doubleclick anywhere in the data and it will auto select it, than just cpy and pste that)

ok one last thing lol when you load from the data make sure your sursor is OUTSIDE the textbox or it messes up!