Coolest thing in photoshop thats easy

Hey I just discovered pixel stretching in photoshop and its really easy and the results are amazingly awsome. Does anyone know any other really easy things that also has really great results.

David :o

i saw this cool tutorial that used really simple technique to make a really cool outcome.

the tutorial was on making realistic looking fire. so what he did was he wrote text, raterized it, rotated 90 degrees CW and added wind from left. then he rotated back and did an ocean ripple. it sounds more complicated then it really is.

anyway, heres the final product:

What’s pixel stretching ?

its almost like smuging, or smearing a pixel value.


Would someone mind posting a link to a pixel stretching tutorial? I do a lot of photoshop work and have never seen it yet.

Pixel Stretching is easy.

All you have to do is use the Single Line Selection tool and bring it to a spot in your photo or image. Then copy and paste onto a new layer.

Next, all you have to do is stretch that little area across the screen to the edge of your photo.

Ah, I suck at explaining ,you can see what I mean at the right half of this picture. When you see it, you will understand what I mean.

<B>NOTE:</B> This image was made by Dan4885, a mod of this forum. It is a splash screen for his site.

You are right that picture explains everything=)

Glad I could help:)

very nice picture, dan is the man =)

heres another way to do it

awesome, thanks for the tutorial, thats mighty handy Jubba

hye I dunno what all of your opinions are, but I think that pixel stretching and similar effects that are so popular now - can more easily take away from a picture then add to it… just MHO - seems like people use it 'cuz it is “in”


I agree that it is trendy, but sometimes it is fun to mess around with trends, learn them, then edit them in your own way.

I don’t follow much tutorials. Pretty much everything I use in my images are self done. I probably end up doing it the hard way, but oh well.

No dissing the Pixel Stretch, ya’ll betta recognize, my Splash would look even [email protected] without the pixel stretch!

haha :stuck_out_tongue: I agree the pixel stretch can look awesome (as in the case of Dans splash - great job by the way!)… I just think it is more often used when it would have been better to leave it out or try something different - but it can definitly be the way to go in the right situation.


The main image in your homepage Ryall is almost 300KB, thats huge!!! My entire splash page is about 55KB and it involves 3ds max renders and hell of a lot of layers…it will take a bit to load for modem users (I pray for them everyday) and if you have any content that 300KB will matter when it comes to a user wanting to visit ur site again, oh yea I fixed my splash cause I changed an image on my server and it screwed with the dimensions so here is the update:

Splash Update:

awesome splash dan

Nice new footer too dan. I likes…

yeah I like the updated splash… and about my page… I know it is huge it is in NO way permenent… just something I am toying with, I’ll end up only using elements of different pictures on that page for my splash… plus I didnt compress the images at all - like I said VERY temporary. I’ll let you all know when I update my splash along with my new site


PS really cool new footer dan, also Lost - I think yours is great too, simple but VERY grabing effect!!!

is pixel stretching liquifying? cause thats cool…u can distort peoples faces and stuff like that…hehe:)