Cooleyo's green space alien vermin from outer galaxies and beyond

At first, I wanted to do a full-fledged game with powerups and multi-directional weapons, but the time on my hands was getting short and I wanted to make sure I could enter the contest. So! Here is my game, formatted into footer format (previous, 550*400 versions were less complete).

As you reach the first and second thirds of the game(thus your kill count), the difficulty increases.

The plasma missile-orb type-a-things are super-technologically-enhanced-seekers-3000. Yep, they tend to head for the mouse location in real-time!

The flamer weapon is just an overkill gadget, make sure you try it out by pressing <BACKSPACE> to switch weapon!

Click HERE to try the game.

hehe…nice game…i made one like that but i didn’t get it in the contest…love your game…it’s really really awsm

Hey the game is sweet, but i personally would rather have all the controls on either the keyboard or the mouse…not both. Nice work though!

yeah it’s a great game except for the controls

Would you have had the ship follow the mouse and only one shoot option? Its like an fps, you play with both…