Cooling fan control?


The problem I’m having with my laptop are the cooling fans. If it gets too hot in there, they just don’t cool enough, which results in a freezing Windows XP. The only thing I can do is reboot. I can assure you, that’s not funny in the middle of your work.

Anyway, I called the technical support and such, and they’re going to replace the fans for other ones, for free. It’s a common problem with this laptop they say. That’s nice (the free thing), but I’m just not ready yet to leave my laptop there for 5 days. I got work to do first.

So, my question to you guys is: is there a program out there to manually control the speed of the cooling fans? I know this is possible with Unix, but I don’t know about Windows XP…

Thanks in advance!

This may help…

not exactly what you asked, but whatever.


To control fan speeds, you have to have a motherboard that supports it. I’m not so sure about a mobile motherboard, but on a desktop board, there’s motherboard software you can install which can control fans, etc. See if you can find out the make of your MB, look for software for it. Also, clean out your laptop, make sure when you’re working, the vents aren’t blocked by something else or even dirt.

Hey Kajinku!
I have that problem also. I sent my laptop to Dell to have them replace the cooling. Too much dust accumulated inside my laptop, and me vacuuming probably made matters a tad bit worse :slight_smile:

There is a fan control program for the Dell 8200 laptops, but I’m not sure if they work on non-Dell systems. It only partially worked on my Inspiron 5150.

Kirupa :ub:

Thanks for your replies.

I found a little freeware program that is supposed to control the fans, but no luck there. It doesn’t work. What did work though is putting a big ventilation fan directed on my laptop. Works like a charm, I’m only a bit cold when working. :wink:

mate found the program you need no need to use the fan and get cold!
no need to thank (money would be nice(Joke!))

Well, for a moment there I thought everything was solved, but my motherboard isn’t supported by the program… oh well.

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

the program appeared to be just a monitoring program anyways.