Coopoon, a new service in white labelling - You will earn money

[COLOR=“Red”][FONT=“Arial Black”]Coopoon, a new service in white labelling - You will earn money.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Coopoon is a new customisable coupon codes service.

Imagine, you can get for free a coupon codes area in your existant website or a new coupon codes website, easily, and at the same time imagine that you can earn money without doing anything ! That is what we offer.

[COLOR=“Red”][FONT=“Arial Black”]Our solution is fully customisable[/FONT][/COLOR]
Adding your header and footer, customising (if you want) your coupon codes listing has never been so easy. Just cut and paste from your favorite editor…

[COLOR=“Red”][FONT=“Arial Black”]We work with Performics, Comission junction, Linkshare…[/FONT][/COLOR]
It is a real guarantee for you to be paid, directly by them !

[COLOR=“Red”][FONT=“Arial Black”]We will help you to setup your personalized version[/FONT][/COLOR]

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