Coordinate space orientation problems

Hey I’m trying to make destructible car bodies. The destructible body is nested within the car chassis (which is the black portion underneath the body, the wheels are part of chassis).

stage > Bullet
stage > Car chassis > Car body

The problem is that as the Chassis rotates… the coordinate space of the Body also seems to rotate. When the car is at 0 degrees everything works as it should, but if the car turns 90 degrees the x and y coordinates reverse. It’s hard to explain.

See for yourself -
Step1 : Click anywhere on the screen to spawn a bullet. Drag the bullet through the car. It will erase portions of the car as it should.

Step2 : Now refresh the page.

Step3 : Rotate the car 90 degrees (Shift key is gas, arrow keys are controls, space is brake) and try step 1 again. You’ll notice that x and y are reversed.

I’m not sure what I can do to fix this…