Copy Frames from one movie to another (Flash MX 2004 Pro)

I have a movie which I would like to use on another movie (but I don’t want to LoadMovie), I want to be able to copy its content, but when I do so, everything copies (apparently) but the movie does not work.

It is a Scroller that contains a several layers (Masked layer, buttons, and action script) but when I copy only one layer remains with the buttons only, the rest of the layers don’t copy over and the movie does not work as it should. Any technique out there to copy the movie.

The reason why I want to copy and not load it is because I need to insert it into a Screen (Flash MX 2004 Pro.) to manipulate it from there. You can see the movie at In there I am using LoadMovieNum funtion to load the movie, but this is not doing the trick for what I want to do. The way it is now, I am not able to dissapear the movie after the user clicks on other links, I need to be able to disappear the album when the user click on other links.

Any thoughts?