Copy multiple CDs to a DVD

is it possible?

a situation came up in my workplace, my boss asked me if we can burn these 5 cds (i think they’re installer cds) into a dvd disc…

what do you think about this…

Copy all the CD’s onto the HD and burn them all on the DVD with the same directory structure?

yup just make folders with all the files from the cds and happy burning, although i may advise that i really suggest you make iso images of the cds and save the isos because if some of the dir exceed 250 characters your going to have some faulty applications trust me its happened to me before.

My suggestion save the cds as isos and if you need to use them later just mount the image with daemon tools or you can just burn them to a cd good luck :wink:

thanx for the quick reply,
so how should i do this? we have nero 6 ultra, we want to burn these 5 installer cds to 1 dvd disc, not jus copy them but we must be able to install thse programs from this dvd… i hope u guys get what i mean

tell him it well cost money to do it. tell him u need spec software to do it and it reques 40 dollers

then ya do it and got 40 dollerS:P

huh? i didnt quite get wat ur saying…

anyways i really hav no clue on how to do this…

i mean, wat i really want to do is copy those 5 installers CDs to a DVD and should still be able to install from this DVD

either one use one of the methods i mentioned above or you can zip the whole cd for example, ad just burn the zip files into a dvd then in order to install them unzip them to your pc windows includes a zip application since winME so its definitely going to work :wink:

best way - copy all the files/folders to your hdd in folders, then burn the separate folders with the applications on a dvd… in nero, choose dvd>data disk. then drag the folder(s) with all your apps onto the add folders window and click burn.

cheers :slight_smile:

Like i said before this seems like the best way to do it but if you have a program like lightwave (it happened to me) and you burn the files to a cd since the cd structure might have various folders and some filenames may exceed 250 character limit causing nero to rename files and render your installation files useless.

Again the best and most assurable way to have it all is working seamless is either in a zip or making iso image and burning those to dvd.

Again copying your installation files might work this is only a problem if the cds file structure exceeds 250 characters.

ok so i hav to make iso of all the cds then in nero make data disk?

If you ISO them, it’s kinda like zipping them and burning them which is pointless because then you gota burn or mount the ISO’s again off the DVD.

yes max that was wat i was thinking… so how shud i go about doing this