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hi ,
i am looking for a simple code.
whenever i type a word it goes a specific frame.

example : when i log into my site, if i type Darkstyle withen 1 min it goes and plays a specific frame and play…

expecting a gud code from the expertise.
thank you,

best regards…

I’m no expert…but i think u can have it something like this:
Put this on a movieclip with an input text it in that has the var as inputText:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	 if (getTimer() == 60000) {
		 if (inputText == "Darkstyle") {
			 _root.gotoAndPlay ("spacificFrame")

I’m not sure if that works, but u can try.

this code seems to be not working :frowning:

This should work:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	 time = getTimer();
	 timer = time;
		 if (time>=60000) {
			 if (inputText == "Darkstyle") {
		 } else {

I’ve also added an attachment; you should look at the attachment to get what i mean.

wel sorry i forgot to mention i dont want any input filed also. its like i am using a cheat code with the help of key board. without anyone being aware of it.

that could be possible…but i gotta work it out first :stuck_out_tongue:

yahoooo!!! i got it!!!..i think.

this must must must work!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

great wrok dude… u proved that you are really an expert… but dont u think that code are too lengthy?? heheh… any way… i have to admit. nice logic and nice work,
thank you very much…!:slight_smile:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	timer = Math.round(getTimer()/1000);
	text = timeLimit-timer;
	if (Key.isDown(75)) {
		trace("k has been typed");
	} else if (Key.isDown(68)) {
	} else if (text<=0) {

hmmm one doubt… please could u explain this

if (Key.isDown(75)

what does this (75) stands for ?? if it stand for the chracter or key, what numeric numbers will other key’s will have? :slight_smile:

75 stands for K

the number of the keys match the ASCII codes.

will return K

to find out witch the keyvalues, use something like

Key.getCode() will return the value of the key you pressed last

you could also go to “Flash Help”, click on “Using Flash” then on “[color=#0000ff][color=black]Keyboard Keys and Key Code Values”. There u can select what kind of keys you want and it’ll have the code in a table form.[/color][/color]

THANK YOU!! I’m only 14 so this is a very big achievment for me:P