Copyright rules regarding internet audio

what exactly are the rules for publishing music on the internet. I have about a 1 minute loop in mind.

I’ve heard that it’s 12 seconds for tv, but I don’t know about the rules for the internet.

I know there’s always the option of just asking the artist or record label, but I was wondering If I even needed that.


Hi Bernie,

The limit for this is exactly zero seconds. If you have access to a contact at the label, that’s your best bet. After that, the artist.

It’s a simple rule, but it’s the truth - don’t play around with copyright.

Good luck.

i would say the same thing really ask the label if its emi they are tight bastards and dont let u have anything but others are ok all i know is when i had my vauxhall site my dad made me ask them via the website and they told me what i could and couldnt use they are usually really helpful because sites like ours only get the company more moneyso they shouldnt have a problem they will probably make u say copyright emi 2000-2002 etc