Corporate site check

Made this for a large importing corporation, still in the works are the splash page, intro and a few additions to the site. But the bulk is done. Being a corporate site they didnt want anything too flashy, but definitly a little would be liked. Anyway I’d love some feed back - Thanks in advance.

Where is the link? :slight_smile:

is anyone going to give me some feedback???

I liked the site layout, the navigation is easy to use and the colors scheme was nice, the only problem I had was with the scroll bar but that was it!

Good Job!

Patience my friend…haha.

I checked it out, it is pretty good. You should wrote on your splash page that it requires 1024x768 monitor, because I run an 800x600 and I couldn’t see the whole window, I had to keep moving the window to see the content.

I think that is about it. So far so good :slight_smile:

thanks for the input guys! I really appreciate it.

lostinbeta : good point, I was planning on putting this on the splash page when I do it, but I think I’ll not wait and add it now. Thanks.

dan4885 : what exactly was wrong with the scrolling text? I made it in Flash 5 then upgraded to Flash MX but did not opt to use any UI components - I just kept running all the v.5 script - do you think this may be a problem?

Well the problem was on one of your text box scrollbars when I tried to pull the bar to a location and the bar came off your scroll box and followed my mouse until I let go, but it only happened in the one text box, one that had nothing in it!

What section was this in dan? I didn’t have this problem anywhere…I didn’t even see an empty text box with a scroll bar anywhere.

Well here is where I found the glitch: Press on one of his links and when the text is being loaded and the box is still empty pull on the scrollbar and it will detach, see it for your own eyes and try!

I can’t get it to work. The text loads too fast. I am on a cable modem so by the time I get my mouse over to the textbox it is already loaded.

So am I, but again I have cat like reflexes :stuck_out_tongue:

I got it a few times, but the bar never removed itself. It also may help that this site fits your screen…haha. I am only limited to the “OUR MISSION” button for the textbox without having to drag the screen to see the scrollbar. After clicking that once it kind of starts to load quicker.

I got the scrollbar thing to happen - i think that the bounding box code is activated to late or sumthing like that. Apart for that its a pretty cool site.

N.B. The Scrollbar thing only worked the first time i loaded the site.

hmmmm… which text section did you encounter no text???
which browser and OS are you using?
btw: thank you all so much for your input!!