Corrections to Chapter 4 "Learning React".


I hope this is the place to post corrections to the “Learning React” textbook. I cannot seem to find any specific place to do this, so I’m trying here. The InformIT website does not contain any such capability this I can locate either.

Working on creating a Javascript Frameworks class. Using your “Learning React” as the textbook.
Working thru all the examples in the book. Reached Chapter 4 so far…
Chapter 4, Page 44 9th line down on the page ( highlighted in yellow ), should read
<div style={letterStyle}> I believe. This correction matches further examples of similar code starting on pages 56 thru 62. The code does not perform the intended function without this change, I believe. And this is the first example of this syntax in the text, which makes this correction quite necessary. Checked the electronic version on the InformIT website, and this correction is necessary there also.
Finally 2 times on page 45, the text reads bgColor ( capital C ), when the text in the example code reads bgcolor ( lower case “c” ). Not sure yet, if/whether, this matters, but Javascript being case sensitive then this probably does matter.

Greg B

Well, I guess the html formatter swallowed my snippet…
Lets try <div style={letterStyle}>.

Greg B

Hey Greg. For inline formatting, use backticks (`), e.g. `code`. For code blocks, you can use three ticks above and below the code

code here

Also, the errata for learning react is available here:

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. I figured this error had been caught long ago, I just could not find where. Guess I should have looked in rather than Oh well, always more to learn.

Thanks again.
Greg B

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You didn’t do anything wrong here. This is on me to figure out how to make the book errata more noticeable on the forums :slight_smile: