Could anyone help me?

I have a tool called Flax. It can make amazing effects to texts, but not with the text that I write. When I see the animation, it shows non-sense words… How can I solve this?
Thank you a lot!!

Probebly you have a trial version of the program. Unless you purchase the full version it will continue to do that.
Same thing happens with swish…

Sorry I couldn’t help more than that.

I Got the same program its so cool, but same issue for me, it is
the trial version…i dont even think there is a crack for it because its a dif program than the real one, the demo one it just an example kinda of what it will do.

you know, if you think about it, that’s kinda funny! you typing “Hello World” will output “F*$% you ALL!!!”. i dunno, just me and my random thoughts. btw, AE, no warez, not even references.

yo Pumpkinsilvia are you a Smashing Pumpkins fan?

just a geuss by ure name?

hahahaha!! :lol:
You know what, toriphes? I’ll use the text that I made with Flax demo. Let’s make people guess what I want to say!! hahahaha!!
And… well, I like Smashing Pumpkins, but I chose that name because I’m a fan of a Metal band called Helloween, hehe :wink:

What does btw meen? i know every single shortcut in the world except that 1!!!
cause im so lazy, i need to know!

“by the way”

Yes that’s a bad word… I’m not sure if i should delete your post or let you do it… I guess I’ll leave it up to you for now. Please do not post this kind of information, or make offers to contact people about such here at Kirupa, unless of course you want them to shut the forum down… in which case all of us who have purchased flash suffer with you…

No offense to you… I know how it is, I’ve owned illegal stuff before ** BUT**…

It’s going to get a lot harder from here on out people. I’m not going to be acting nice about this sort of crap any more. I find a post that even HINTS at relating to stolen software I’m deleting it without explination. PERIOD

(unless kirupa yells at me for it… but I don’t think that he will.)

Hey upuaut,
You can delete any posts that contains references to hacks, cracks, or any other amateur terms. I think there is a link called Topic Commands at the very bottom of each forum page that enables you to delete a post! If not, edit the post by marking out the words and I’ll come and delete it myself.

k :wink: