Could someone tell me how to improve my project?

hey guys at kirupaforums,

i am a high school student in grade 12, australia.

i was wondering how to do something on flash relating to my ITS project. i have attached a .swf file which is just some stuff that i did already, but i am stuck on this effect i want to make.

  1. i want to make the head outlines contain a textbox, so that when it moves out, the textbox with a scrollbar can show within the head outline.

  2. i also want to know how to fix up the colour button so that the colour boxes will stay there…>< ><

  3. also, if you have any cool ideas on how to make my project look and function better, i am open to all ideas…:smiley: this project is really important, as it counts towards my final year (…if you know what i mean)

any help/critisisms would be appreciated,

thanks alot.