Could this been done :S(flash gui controlling hardware)

[LEFT]Here’s a thought to ponder over.
With home P.C every increasing it’s only a matter of time before the tv is out and the pc does all you need it to do.
Were are we at with flash when it come’s to controlling hardware external to the pc/mac.
A typical example would be:
You have a couple of camera’s setup surronding your home or bussiness.
Is there anyway for me to build an interface that could control the camera’s movement etc?
I am thinking that flash would/could display what the camera is viewing but i am getting lost when it comes to how flash could control the camera.
At a guess i am thinking some sort of program built with VB that could work as a middle man between flash and the camera.
Of course this GUI would/could be accessed from anywhere and pretty much any device that has flash capabilities.

Any thoughts, idea’s or anything you think might be worth a read.