Could you help me please, just 1 euro per person?

Hello, my name is Laurence, I am mother of 4 children and we’ve been leaving for many years with financial problems; I’m french and hope my english is not so bad… I’ve been told that in USA, people are kinder than in France and that maybe some would like to help us. Our problems become more and more important and there is no one to help us. We need 28 000 euros toget out of these problems; I guess it’s about 26 OOO USD, I know it’s a very important amount. If we can find this money, we’ll be saved : because each month, even though my husband works, our account is always under zero and we always have to pay something more.
I thank every people who wil be able to help us and the others also just to have read this letter.
If ever someone wants to help us, he can write me at my mail.