Countdown Timer question

I’ve attempted to do the countdown tutorial and can’t get it to work, the numbers just scroll endlessly. But I digress…if I may ask a dumb question: Is the tutorial compatible with MX2004 in its current form? Some other posts seem to suggest that may be a possibility. Is the action script pertaining to the frame or is assigned to the ‘counter’ mc? Aside from my inability to get the tutorial to work – I had a larger question re: the countdown.

How would I show multiple countdowns at once? (6 of them, counting down to 6 separate future dates) I’m putting together a site for a local ski club and wanted to show a countdown for each trip. 2 of the trips are in 2004 & the other 4 are in 2005.

Again, I was trying to use the imaging version that the tutorial describes (sounded pretty cool), but perhaps using dynamic text would be easier??

Thanks for any input, greatly appreciated.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I’m sure it’s something minor that I’m overlooking. Thanks.

I don’t know what it could be… if you just copied & pasted the code you should have no problems there. Check your Instance Names, one of them might be wrong.

Thanks Wizard!! I somehow forgot to label my mc instance. I’m still not sure how to go about putting multiple countdowns on the same stage. I would like six separate countdowns, but it only is recognizing one. I’m still pretty much a noob when it comes to AS. What about creating each timer in its own .swf? Would that work?

Thanks again for any input.

That would work (multi. swf), but you could use the same movie clip just change the Instance Name and the date in the ActionScript, this should work too.

I really appreciate your input, thanks for taking the time. I think I stumbled upon a solution, I renamed each mc instance (counter0, counter1,…) then in the AS renamed the variables that are dependent on each counter, namely the ‘eventdate’ & ‘eventmillisecs’ by adding a trailing 0,1, etc. Since each timer needs the same currentDate, I left that alone. Cool.

Nicely done. :thumb: