Countdown to scoreboard

Hi i have a couple of questions i hope you can answer please…

  1. How do i add a countdown code to a scene and after 120 seconds it goes onto scene “score”

  2. also on the score scene how can i make it show the score they got on the game in a dynamic text box

i have made the scoring system using this tutorial

  1. how can i add a sound to a movie clip when it is pressed becuase i am using the random movement thing i found on this site… i have made it so it adds to the score when clicked how do i make it play a sound aswell when pressed

  2. I am using this code for the random movement of a movie clip, however how can i alter the x and y position of the movie width and height???
    i added the bits in green, but they don’t work. How am i supposed to do it???

 // special thanks to Suprabeener for the code
function getdistance(x, y, x1, y1) {
	var run, rise;
	run = x1-x;
	rise = y1-y;
	return (_root.hyp(run, rise));
function hyp(a, b) {
	return (Math.sqrt(a*a+b*b));
MovieClip.prototype.reset = function() {
	// specify the width and height of the movie
	width = 379;
	height = 249;
	x = 11
	y = 41.1
	// -------------------
	var dist, norm;
	this.x = this._x;
	this.y = this._y;
	this.speed = 100;
	this.targx = Math.random()*width;
	this.targy = Math.random()*height;
	dist = _root.getdistance(this.x, this.y, this.targx, this.targy);
	norm = this.speed/dist;
	this.diffx = (this.targx-this.x)*norm;
	this.diffy = (this.targy-this.y)*norm;
MovieClip.prototype.move = function() {
	if (_root.getdistance(this.x, this.y, this.targx, this.targy)>this.speed) {
		this.x += this.diffx;
		this.y += this.diffy;
	} else {
		this.x = this.targx;
		this.y = this.targy;
		if (!this.t) {
			this.t = getTimer();
		if (getTimer()-this.t>666.666) {
			this.t = 0;
	this._x = this.x;
	this._y = this.y;

thank you