Counter strike

Hey guys,
I’m in the process of creating a new CS (for now) gaming league, yeah yeah I know what your thinking, another kid trying to create another gaming league. But im not a kid and this is different then other situations. I have the resources and the time to make something worth looking foward too. Now I’m trying to create something fun that everyone would want to play in. Right now I was wondering how you guys felt about this. It will be an online gaming tournament. Roughly $20 to enter for a 5on5 team (can roster up to 7). Now before you call me a greedy ******* let me explain what the $20 gets you. It would cap the teams at 64. You would be guarenteed atleast 3 games, and every game you would be playing in a server provided buy us. Once again this is not a LAN, but a simple tournament in which winner moves on, and all games can be played in one of our QUALITY servers. We would be having raffles for computer hardware for just entering, cash prizes ($300 to top clan), free gaming server rentals, and such. Let me know how you guys feel about this idea? Please only respond with seroius suggestion or comments.