cPanel/WHM Programming Tutorials Wanted

[SIZE=2]Where can l find free online tutorials to learn how to build cPanels/WHMs? I’ve basically been wanting to learn how to build my own cPanel/WHM in ANY programming language, database formats, operating systems, etc for the longest time, with any feature that I want to add for my own personal use and web hosting needs. I recently found the zPanel website where you can download a free cPanel/WHM and I post new features that I want to see in future versions.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Well, with some of the posts that I posted about what I want to see, they would either discuss it to see if they want to put it, or they would say that they can’t; much like anyone would do anywhere else.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]The thing is, that I want to learn to build a cPanel/WHM that is for my own personal use without having to wait until someone else decides to put the features that I ask for in the cPanel/WHM, and without the restrictions of them saying that they can’t put it into the cPanel/WHM.[/SIZE]