Cpu heats?

alright boo ya i got my cpu up to 2.1 ghz now :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

um whats safe temps right now its around 44-45 c is that ok?

i know i have a auto shut down if it gets to hot but whats max you think cuz the auto doesnt tell me itrs just build it

How do you tell the temp of your comp?

smart guardian tells me it came with my mobo
also um another program that came with my mobo that tells me is warpspeeder

um u might not be able to find out your heat but about 80% mobos have heat gauges on em

my peak so far while playing games is 51 c is that ok? whats like melting heat i dont know my my pc heat is so high cuz my rpm on my cpu fan is 6490!!! and i have 3 case fans

i feel my fans all 4 are going but um my side fan is pumpin very little out how do you make the fans rpms higher?

My mobo’s got a little LCD screen displaying the temp :wink:
Just thought I’d take this opportunity to brag…

You got an Intel or AMD CPU?

im gonna make ya guess lol
im a gamer

my work computer sits at 89 F. which is somewhere around 30-something C? I dont know, I guess thats normal. When encoding a movie to a DVD, my home PC hits about 120 F…default threshold is set to 140, so I guess its okay.

Not really cool asking people to help you and then making them guess your CPU brand and whatnot insteading telling it right away. Which CPU exactly do you have?

Its an AMD… hahaha use an intel for gaming.

Just sort of look online all processors have different temps but dont worry a whole lot it will shut down if it gets too hot. But if you see it shutting down a ton lower it or you will burn it out.
[ot]The only thing I worry about overheating is my Hard Drive lol.[/ot]

BIOS or you can download a program.

40 - 45 is cool for a CPU, my GFX card runs at 41. My CPU runs about 70 (3.0 intel) so 40 seems good to me :smiley:

Dude, I’d check your fans for dust… 70 is almost dangerously high (or would be if you were running an AMD CPU).

Sigh. That much is obvious. Again, I’ll say that the original poster could have been at least so considerate as to write what CPU exactly he has. If you want to be exact, AMD or Intel are not really answers. AMD 3000+ Socket 754 @ 2GHz, now that for instance is an OK answer.
Anyway, Intels generally run at waaay more heat than AMDs (which is one of the reasons I intensely dislike Intel). For Intels it’s usually at around 80°C, while AMDs should be at around 35°C - 55°C, although 55 is already a bit high. Like I said, it depends on the exact CPU type. I have a AMD 3000+ (754) and it runs at around 35°c when idle or doing light processing (web browsing etc.) and at around 40 - 45°C when playing games or such.

Although, it’s less dangerous for an Intel to run high, because it underclocks itself. If you take the cooler off a recent Athlon and turn it on it’ll burn itself out in a couple of minutes. If you do the same thing with an Intel, it’ll just run slow.

40’s is where it is supposed to be at with or without a Zalman.

hmm i like amd better :slight_smile:
my friend just bought a computer a pentium 4 3.8 ghz and my
amd semphron 3300 2.2 ghz gets more fps then him in games haha sucker stuck with intel

we have same parts so dont go thier we struck a 2 for 1 deal with the store manager lol