CPU problem with MX

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I’m having a problem. I’ve tried looking away from the problem for a week, but it’s getting on my nerves now…

Whenever I use Flash MX, any action that I do (be it a clip displacement, writing text, drawing lines, you name it), my CPU usage jumps tremendously (sometimes shoots up to 100% of CPU), and I’ve never seen that before with Flash. I have 500 of RAM (2x256).
In the windows task manager, it says Flash is taking up 54 620 Ko of Ram, and I don’t think the software is THAT Ram-hungry…(is it?)

Anyone had this problem before? It only does this with Flash (photoshop, illustrator, whatever - even 3DS work fine enough). Any info appreciated. Thanks.


no, normally it is not that ram hungry, but it depend on what a movie you are working at.
that happens when writing some code in a completely empty fla
when writing some code in a quite big fla

are you sure that you aren’t running some programs in the background?
maybe you should run adaware or spybot, maybe there is some cloaked virus running in the background

nope. did some thourough trojan/virus/takeyourpick check (well, the SysAdmin at work did this… :stuck_out_tongue: ), nothing of that sort. And nope, no other program in the b/g running…

And it does that with any .fla I open… :frowning: I tried re-installing Flash, didn’t work… I tried installing Flash 5, works fine. Tried MX2004 - 30-day version - works ok too… I don’t know what the hell is up with that.
I’m afraid I have to format the machine for that…yuck.


hmm, strange.

[size=1]plus make sure you have the original version, and not an illegal copy/rip/whatever[/size]

I’m not allowed to have a ripped version at work… :slight_smile:
The only thing I ripped is my right elbow when I fell down yesterday.

Thx anyhow :goatee: