Create a musical instrument

[FMX]Arg!! Desperate!! need help please!!
[F5]Arg!! For Actionscript Guru!! Beginner needs help!

Its my first time at this form. I have a school project where I need to create a musical instrument that people can play (interact with) in flash.

I have ideas and images of how it will look and work but have no one, who knows flash, who can help me make it work. Again, I have never used flash (am intending to start learning this summer) but my project is due in about 3 weeks and I am wondering if I can get help from this forum?

Also, how much do you think it would cost to get someone to take my design and make it work. I am willing to pay for it (and our teacher has agreed that it is fine to get this kind of help).

Please let me know — thank you !