Create a Picture Gallery

hi i used the tutorials thats on this site and i wanted to know how do i make the pictures come out all the same size and centered… because i have these picture i wanna use but then they are not the same size and i used photoshop to change the size but when i did change it the pic doesnt come out centerd its towards to the left more …please help me :wink:

  1. The images must be the same size to show the same size

  2. The upper left corner of the image attaches to the registration point of the movie clip you load to. I usually use an empty movie clip and put that clip where I want the upper left corner of the image to be.

hmm… dont know wat u mean sorry im a noob

Well it was pretty self explanitory.

For the Photo gallery tutorial (which really isn’t a good start for n00bs, you will probably experience much difficulty with the script), what I usually do for that to load in the images to an empty movie clip symbol, and since the loaded images upper left corner attaches to the clip, I move that clip to the area I want the upper left corner to be at.

To create an empty symbol go to Insert/New Symbol.

Check the “Movie Clip” radio button.

Hit Ok, then it will bring you to the clip editing area. You want to get out of that (there should be links under your timline, one being “Scene 1” (unless the name of your scene is different)), click on that to go back to the main timeline.

Then open your library (CTRL+L) an drag an instance of the empty movie clip onto the stage where you want. Give it the right instance name and voila.

well the script isnt hard i understood it …its just want the pictures centered lol

Well you have to position your clip manually.