Create a Slide Show For Flash 8 Using Firewoks 8

[size=1]Via Alan Musselman[/size]

Flash slideshow generated with Fireworks 8!

Yes, you heard that right! Batch images (large and thumbs at the same time) and generate an XML file that gets loaded into a SWF file instantly (depending on how many images you batch). Its un-believable with what you can do with Firework’s API and Flash 8 to create some of the best extensions out there.

Currently, you can download the sample FLAs for the Fireworks Album Player which have a few goodies implemented such as using Slice-9.

There’s also a couple Flash Developers creating different versions of the Slideshow so check the site for any updates to the Creator or the Default Fireworks Album Players. If you build one, please post it in the forums so everyone knows about it!

I’ve had a chance to play with it some before it was released and its pretty wild. There are some features I thought it missed, but Alan said they could possibly be included in a 2.0 release :wink: