Create class instance in loop


I am creating several classes. I am trying to create an instance of the classes in a loop, which isnt going very well.

//instead of this
var HGInt1:MovieClip = new HGInt_01();
var HGInt2:MovieClip = new HGInt_02();
var HGInt3:MovieClip = new HGInt_03();
var HGInt4:MovieClip = new HGInt_04();
var HGInt5:MovieClip = new HGInt_05();
var HGInt6:MovieClip = new HGInt_06();
var HGInt7:MovieClip = new HGInt_07();
var HGInt8:MovieClip = new HGInt_08();
var HGInt9:MovieClip = new HGInt_09();
//I want this
for(var i:Number = 1; i<10; i++){
    var myObject = new HGInt_0(i); = "HGInt"+i;