createTextField problem

Hi, Heres the code i made that i THOUGHT :puzzled: would work. Basically what i’m trying to do is a line of text which look like:

image 1
image 2

like that. But if you copy and paste the code, the text gets replaced each time for some reason :-\ Can anyone help? thanks!

identifier = 1;
width = 40;
height = 17;
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
function makeTextFields() {
this.createTextField(“textField”+identifier, 1, 30, identifier*height+10, width, height);
if (identifier>10) {
identifier = 10;
//this[“textField”+identifier].embedFonts = true;
this[“textField”+identifier].text = "Image "+identifier;
textFormat.font = “trebuchet MS”;
textFormat.size = 11;
when trying to embedFonts, nothing works thats why i’ve put it in as comments. Not sure whats wrong :puzzled: