Creating a Chatbox

Hi everbody

Can anybody help me with creating a chatbox in Flash MX ? I have no idea how to even start this …

do u have data base on your server, and do u know PHP, and are u an expert AS writer?

i talked with playamarz about this once… it’s just a pain in the butt to build, it wont be easy at all. what i would suggest is getting flashcom hosting, thing’s will be a million times easier :slight_smile:

you might wanna check out the flashcom sample apps on my server, they’re wicked :wink:

There is one in Advanced PHP for Flash by friends of ED, buy the book (so you understnad the code) or just get the download from their website (if it’s still up…)

Hey ahmed, just love ur chat thingy can I use that ? of course with a hella lot of credit to you

well actually those are sample files, they come with the flash com server installation. You need a host that supports flashcom (this is a good one0). I installed the trial version on my server and it’ll expire in a 10 days :(… if it’s of any use, you can use the one off my server, till my license expires… PM me about it if you need it :slight_smile:

hi there ,

by chance i saw this site having a “create chat” tut.

check it out … here

hope it’s of any use


Yeah… I’ve put some spare time here and there into creating a chatroom type interface… I can tell you one thing and that it’s not “simple”…

Just follow what ahmed was talking to you about and you should be fine then.

:slight_smile: playamarz :player: