Creating a filter Class

I have been up all night trying to get this to work and thought maybe there was a working version on the net somewhere.

I’m trying to create some script that will connect to my PHP script, which has searched the database for whatever I told it to…and it will right the results to XML that I send to Flash…

What I’ve been up all night doing is trying to make some kind of class that will allow me to filter those results ACTIVELY…
If you don’t know what I mean then I can show you

[color=Gray]If you’re running Firefox
go to the address bar and type about:config
when you get there you can filter them by typing any letter
it will return all the results that have that/those letters in them
Notice how it does it for every letter
and if you’re not using Firefox…you should…lol
Actually you can see you preview of it by using the iTunes search feature

[color=Black]I’ve had enough of these undefined messages in my test output…the same XMLNode object whatever selections worked without the class and now I’m going crazy

Anyone have an idea where I could find such a Class
or perhaps know better search keywords than
[color=Orange]iTunes search [color=SandyBrown][color=DarkOrange]filter[/color] Actionscript [color=DarkOrange]Flash Class

[color=Black]Thanks for any help[/color]