Creating a Flip Book

I came across a flash application,

And i would like to do something very similar to it. However there’s some features about this application that i would like to seek advise and solutions on.

Saving of the “animation”. (on the web)

From my understanding, it seems that in order to save the “drawn” animation, we would have to save the details (drawn positions, drawn frames, strokes, etc) into a database, together with a unique ID. Thus in order to play back this specific “drawn” animation, a “player” or “shell” swf file will take in the ID, retrieve the “drawn” details from database, and redraw it to be played.
Am i right to say that this is the only method in “saving” the drawn animation, or does Flash 8 caters a better/faster method?

Saving of the “animation”. (offline)

From that Flip Book website, i read that their offline version saved the “drawn” details into a format called .SOL. It’s refering to the flash shared object, also known as “Flash cookie” right? So it’s like basically doing the same as above, but not saving to a database right?

Well, i’m not expecting a full “How to do” the above type of responds (although i don’t mind), mainly i just hope to seek confirmation that the methods i’m using is correct, or are there better and faster methods out there.