Creating a function- what am i doing wrong?


i’ve been working on a script that will dyanamically scale some background images, I can’t see what’s wrong with this function:
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//the ‘adjustSliders’ function is called by the actionscript in the actions layer in _root. it is used to move the masks of the moving background images
// desired_x and desired_xscale are called on in each slider movieclip
adjustSliders = function (1x:String,1scale:String,2x:String,2scale:String,3x:String,3scale:String,4x:String,4scale:String,5x:String,5scale:String,6x:String,6scale:String.){

    _root.slidingImages_mc.section1_mc.desired_x = 1x;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section1_mc.desired_xscale = 1scale;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section2_mc.desired_x = 2x;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section2_mc.desired_xscale = 2scale;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section3_mc.desired_x = 3x;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section3_mc.desired_xscale = 3scale;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section4_mc.desired_x = 4x;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section4_mc.desired_xscale = 4scale;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section5_mc.desired_x = 5x;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section5_mc.desired_xscale = 5scale;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section6_mc.desired_x = 6x;
    _root.slidingImages_mc.section6_mc.desired_xscale = 6scale;

[/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=3]I get 13 AS errors- one for each of the lines in the function :o/

*sorry if the first few lines are broken
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