Creating a hyperlink

I’m a very basic user, but I understand that creating a hyperlink should be simple. I can’t seem to get a “URL, Window, and Variables field displayed in your Actions panel” to pop up. I just get the option to script, but no drop down boxes anywhere.
The sooner the better.

In your actions panel for button that is to be linked type:

on (release) {
getURL (“”, target);

the target is formated as _parent, _blank ect. etc.

If you’re using MX 2004 (as would be apparent since you’ve posted in the MX 2004 forum…) there aren’t going to be any drop-down boxes. It’s all hand-done ActionScript now.

Nice for veterans, not-so-nice for newbies or novices. But the code-hints are quite helpful, and the ActionScript dictionary is a wonderful tool.