Creating a Matching Pairs Game in flash5

:slight_smile: I want to create a matching pairs card game within flash.
I have found actionscript for a matching pairs game but it does not work the way i want it to. I would like to be able to match a Picture with a word as opposed to 2 pictures the same.
If anybody knows how to do this or knows any excellent websites that have tutorials for writing actionscript for games, please reply.


Send me the FLA that you have (Flash5.0 version only) and I’ll see how it can be adapted.

Yes, the FLA would be helpful.

The basic concept though, is a bunch of “if” statements…

The question is, how are you going to get them to match?

For example:

click on a word on the left and then click on the corresponding pic on the right?

(In which case you will probably want to use variables to identify the word mc has been selected, and then compare the word selected with the pic selected)

or, you could drag the word on to the appropriate picture

(in which case you will use hittest/droptarget)

or any other way you can think of…

let us know! =)