Creating a progression of thumbs

In this link:
I created a grid of 2 rows with 4 squares (future thumbs) on each row, one row on top and the other at the bottom. Each square has a button a the bottom center of the square that when it is clicked on a thumbnail shows in that square, this thumbnail displays a pic to show the progression of a treatment session. I created a main movie with the container movie clip where all the buttons has their respective loadMovie script, so I am making 8 movies all together. The problem is: when you click the second button of the second square to show the thumbnail, the thumbnail on the left should “stay on” without the brief dissapearence when loading the second movie on the second square (thumb), and so forth for each successive pic. What I did was I added in the second and subsequent movies the previous pictures of the movie. How can I stop this brief dessapearence during the load of the next movie?
Also the thumb will be clicked to show a larger pic of the thumb.
Please help.