Creating a retro flash game - help required

HI fellas,

Rather broad request for help here, but i’ve missed 70% of classes due to lung problems so far so need to do some heavy catching up.

As per the pic below, i’m doin a retro styled game. Set frame “animation”, etc. As you can see, 90% of the frames are visible (still gotta do one more of the woman etc).

Basically the woman throws one of 7 different items (3 deduct life, 3 add points, and the other adds life) down, and you (the husband) must catch them.

Or let them fall and smash on their 5th frame, if they are a bad item.

However, as it isn’t a static “drop down” animation for the items, i’ve no idea how to code it so that a random mc from an array is selected, (ie, far left, middle, right etc), let alone to attach a random item (to a dummy mc within the mc?) when it is generated.

Making the task more difficult, if the husband (these will be different items, so imagine the bags are pianos, cats, swords etc) is under the item at its 4th frame, he will catch it, and be able to move to the right, to pass it to the squirrel, so you can make him place it in the tree; at which point the score is increased. And whatever item he catches, will need to be carried as is to teh squirrel and up the tree. I assume its a simple case of attaching the generated movieclip to a dummy mc within the husband, after detaching it from the stage.

Meanwhile, the woman will throw items continually at a reasonable set interval.

After i’ve been given the award for vaguest “question” of the year, if anyone could steer me in a somewhat correct direction for this, it would be fantastico! Tutorials, examples, its all good.

Any more questions, just shoot.

thanks guys,