Creating a Savings Calculator

Hello everyone,

I just signed up to this forum after a friend recommended it. I am very new to Flash and I am currently trying to design a Savings calculator for my client’s website (in Flash CS3). This is my ‘trying to learn Flash’ project so to speak!

I have attached a jpeg of the calculator I have designed (and noted the inputs and outputs FYI).

Below is the actionscript so far - please bear in mind that I have sourced some of this code from researching online, and most of it I know is incorrect but I have included it to show what the calculations for the boxes should be. Anything online on Flash calculations seems too simple to apply to what I’m doing. I read that my Calculate button should be a ‘Button’ but I then read elsewhere that I should choose my button from Components-User Interface-Button but it’s properties say that it’s a ‘Movie Clip’. And I’m clueless as to how to modify this to look like my button design. As I am a Flash dummy, this has confused me :-/ I also need to understand what code is required for the Reset button… yeah I need a lot of advice!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


var num:Number;
function Calc() {
 num1 = Input1_txt.text;
 num2 = Input2_txt.text;
 num3 = Input3_txt.text;
 num4 = Input4_txt.text;
 num5 = Input5_txt.text;
 Output1.text = (num2*num3);
 Output2.text = (num3*num4);
 Output3.text = (num5/Output2);
 Output4.text = (Output3/num1);
 Output5.text = (Output4/4.3);
 Output6.text = (Output4/52);
 OutputA.text = (num1);
 OutputB.text = (num1*4.3);
 OutputC.text = (12*OutputB);
 OutputD.text = (OutputA*Output1);
 OutputE.text = (OutputB*Output1);
 OutputF.text = (OutputC*Output1);
 OutputG.text = (num4*OutputA);
 OutputH.text = (OutputG)*4.3;
 OutputI.text = (12*OutputH);
 OutputJ.text = (OutputA*Output2);
 OutputK.text = (OutputB*Output2);
 OutputL.text = (OutputC*Output2);