Creating a scrollbar for text and images?

[font=Arial Narrow]Hey, I wonder if anyone can help me. Im trying to create a “what’s new” section in a website. Ideally i want to have each news section to have a colour code section and an image as well as text that will scroll in a window. Because its a big there will be 15 - 20 items in the window each day.[/font]
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[font=Arial Narrow]is there a way of creating a a scroll window that holds images aswell as txt?[/font]
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[font=Arial Narrow]thanx[/font]
[font=Arial Narrow]Rebecca[/font]

use a scrollpane…seach the forums, i’m sure there are a few threads that are exactly the same as yours

i´ve got what you need i think :slight_smile:

check out the picture section, u can see what i mean

i got the scrollpane from, in the movies section, under some effects…


I still like Claudio’s scroller the best:

Go to post #8


yeah, that is nice.