Creating a sliding menu and having a problem with a button

I’m a beginner with Flash and has been a major help to me in many ways. This time I can’t figure out a explination to my problem with just the tutorials so I’m hoping someone in this forum could possibly help me.

I’ve created a sliding menu with the help of the tutorial found on the kirupa-site and it’s working fine! What I would like to do is add a button on one of the content-layers, and I would like this button to open one of the contents just like one of the sidepanel-buttons does. I’ve tried adding the piece of code on the main actions layer and it doesn’t make the button work. If I move that button out of the holder MC and to the sidepanel where all the other buttons are (which slide the contents in place) there the button works fine. But how to make it work on for example on the first content-movie clip?

What is the “magical” code that needs to be added on that button to make it work? Or is it even possible? Thank you already in advance :slight_smile: