Creating a soduko-game

Hi ! Im trying to create a Soduko-game.
The graphics aint the problemā€¦ :wink:

The problem is the code, the functionallity to set up a soduko board.

Iā€™ve tried many things but i cant get a simple solutionā€¦

Soduko is a game with 9*9 squares. In each row the numbers 1-9 should be entered and may only appear once in each row. The same for the columns.

Also in 3*3 squares (9 of themā€¦) the numbers 1-9 should appear onceā€¦

How can i do this programatically? Ive tried to randomize numbers in a matrix 99 and while the number is randomized, check if it i exists in the row, col or 33 square, if it does, it should be changedā€¦But this wont workā€¦

Any ideas?