Creating a Sweet Content Slider


This article can help you out a bit:



Brilliant. Thank you.


Hi Kirupa, thanks so much for the great tutorial.

I’m trying to get it to work for multiple sliders on one page, but am having a lot of difficulty making it work. I have three sliders, so I made three copies of the script, and named the variables, data-pos, and ids different for each one, corresponding to the three different sliders, and still can’t get it to work.

Any tips?



Using Animate.css I did something like that, although it’s been a long time and I dont remember the details. But basically, you woldn’t even need to put the images side by side, you would do something like this inide the wraper:

     position: absolute;
     top: 0;
     left: 0;
     display: none;

So all you would have to do is to change the display of the image and Animate.css would animate the image as its display property changes.