Creating a working preloader in external swf

Hi i am iwulff, and i am having some problems with preloaders, and was hoping if someone could help me out.

I am currently busy with a project about a fanbased project about a game called Birth Of the Federation 2, and was planning to create an flash database for either online or going with the game as a executable.

If i want to place this online i will have to get preloaders on every swf. I have this index file. Here are all the buttons. It then begins to automaticly load the home file. The problem is that it won’t load any preloader that is placed inside the external swf, such as the home file. To clarify, i can load it when i am only in the home.swf. But when i load it from the index.swf, it just doesn’t do anything, except loading the content, not the preloader. I know that on the computer you wouldn’t see it, but i have also put this online and have checked it on the computer with the inbuild showstreaming function, so i know that something doesn’t work.

So this is my question, how can i make this work? Nobody on the internet seemed to have got a good answer to this, and people that had these problems simple weren’t answered or just got a stupid answer back.

I hope you people can help me!